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Workshop Basque vibrations

with ​Izaskun Iturri

The Pyrenees are the result of the collision between the Iberian and Eurasian plates about 85 to 24 million years ago. The Basques have lived in a western part of these mountains for centuries. Has this people inherited anything from this colossal original shock? Where did the strength come from to stand against giants like the Romans, the Visigoths, the Franks and the Muslims in the heart of these impenetrable mountains? What secret lies in their ancient language, which is pre-Indo-European and so different from the Indo-European languages?

What is known is that a wide variety of rhythms and energetic, dynamic dances emerged from this orography. In this workshop, Izaskun Iturri, who comes directly from the Basque Country, an experienced teacher and choreographer with over 25 years of experience, will make us feel this essential vibration of the Basque dances in our bodies. By experiencing the "bounce" of the Jauzis (Basque jumps), we will be able to naturally absorb the step sequences that make them up through the sound of the feet and the shifts of weight. We will assimilate the essence of the Fandango or the Arin-Arin and, if time permits, perhaps discover some of the thousands of Basque dances, moving, dancing, understanding and feeling their history... and vibrating.

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