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Festival 2023: 10 - 12 November

Did you miss the JooDäio! festival last year?
Or been there and loved it?
On November 10th - 12th, 2023 the 2nd edition of the JooDäio! will take place
- even more charming, connected and crazy than last year!
Block the date in your calendar.
More information and many surprises will follow.

Impressions from last year:

Photos by Nadine Weber

Bild 1 DSC04671.jpg

Festival 2022

Bild 1 DSC04671_edited.jpg
Bild 1 DSC04671_edited.jpg

With CaraC, La Sylva, Autour de Bâle, l'air inconnu, the choir Carovana del Bù and more...

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Fancy just one evening/afternoon?

You can't come for the whole festival? 

There is also the option to come only to the evening balls or Sunday afternoons.

Just come spontaneously, there will be a hat.


Recommended prices are:

Friday: 30 CHF (Carac & Boccadoro). Start: 21h

Saturday: 40 CHF (La Sylva, Imp & Little Red Riding Hood, L'air inconnu).Start: 20h30

Sunday afternoon: 30 CHF (Carovana, Autour de Bâle). Start: 2 p.m


We look forward to seeing you too!

3-day tickets SOLD OUT

WHEN: Friday November 11 from 4 p.m. until Sunday 13 November


WHERE: Impulszentrum Holdenweid (


ACCOMODATION: There is the possibility of sleeping in the dormitory for 10.-

In addition, the Impulszentrum makes its guest rooms available at its usual overnight rates (can be booked via


FOOD: During the weekend, delicious and vegetarian meals are cooked for us. Special meal requests should be indicated on the registration form.


PRICE: between CHF 170 and CHF 200 (+ 10,- dormitory)

WHO: Maya and Linda


11 - 13

"Impulszentrum" Holdenweid


Dancing, experimenting, finding your mirror...


Hidden in the hills of the Baselland, the "Impulszentrum" Holdenweid will open its doors to us from November 11th to 13th. In its eccentric, enchanting and unconventionally designed rooms, it invites us on a journey of discovery. A journey of discovery about oneself, dance, music and interaction.  Playfulness, ecstasy and being one with the group combine with impulses that urge us to take a detailed look at ourselves. Evening balls await us, and during the day themed workshops in dance, song and a many more escapes. 

The central point and topic of the festival is mirrors and reflection.

Who am I when I look in the mirror? Who am I when I am mirrored by my counterpart? Who would I like to see when I look in the mirror? 

In Bal Folk, where most of the action takes place collectively, it is easy to forget how much we can learn from each other by dancing together. Every dance and every dance partner gives us a reflection of ourselves. We just have to take the chance to recognize ourselves in this image.

What does the tension or calmness of my counterpart tell me? How much can I tell my counterpart about it? What can I learn about myself in unfamiliar situations?

logo jodaio dunkel.png

With JooDäio - "You don't say!" in Swiss German - we will get to the bottom of these questions during three days. By experimenting and playing with a wide variety of impulses, we will seek and find answers and new questions on the subject of "mirrors and reflection". 

As a little insight: voice and singing travels, blind dates with funny questions, dancing in the dark, costume rooms, discussion rounds... And for everyone who just wants to close their eyes for a moment and listen in between, there will also be space for silence, for listening to fairytale stories and choral singing. And of course dancing!


Mirror, mirror - 
look at me.
Show me who I am!


A big thank you to:

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