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Hidden in the hills of Baselland, the Impulszentrum Holdenweid will open its doors to us from November 10th to 12th.
In its eccentric, enchanting and unconventionally designed rooms, it invites us on a journey of discovery.
A journey of discovery about oneself, dance, music and interaction.  Playfulness, ecstasy and being one with the group combine with impulses that urge us to take a detailed look at ourselves.
Evening balls await us, and during the day
themed workshops in
dance, song and a many more escapes. 

For all participants:

How do I get to Holdenweid?


The theme this year:

- between what grounds us and what makes us take off ...
And likewise is dance and music.
Sound is pulsing.
The play between gravity and rise is pulsing.
The interaction between music and dance is pulsing.
Dancing with and around a common center is pulsing.
The interaction between two people who show themselves to their counterpart and perceive them is pulsing.
JooDäio! is pulsing.
We all have a centre, a resting point - the place where we always return to. For us to be in a pulsing state, the constant return to this place is necessary. But at the same time we need to divert from this. It is a play of both poles. A movement between balance and deviation from it, between harmony and disharmony, between tension and relaxation, between "being with oneself" and approaching the outside world, between comfort and exploring one's own limits. Pulsation is a pendulum between giving and taking, means exchange and the constant return to oneself.
Also this year we want to devote ourselves to a topic at the JooDäio! that is closely interwoven with dance and music.
We want to indulge in pulsing, vibration and swinging. Even more, we want to observe pulsing movements, get to know them, work with them and experiment with them in order to give more momentum to our dancing existence. Dance and music workshops, evening balls, sound and perception rooms, swings, physical experiments and many stimuli of experience and thought will lead us into this world of pulsation.

Let's inspire each other and pulse together!

Impressions from last year:

Photos by Nadine Weber

A big thank you to:

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