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CaraƆ is a bal folk trio from French-speaking Switzerland that invites its audience to dance as well as sit down and listen. In this project, vocals, violin, saxophone and cello combine to create original compositions or arrangements of traditional themes (France and French-speaking Switzerland).


Boccadoro Ensemble

Love for dance and movement in all its forms is the great passion that unites the young musicians behind this project, who originally met while studying at the conservatory. The need not to separate different musical genres led them to create an experimental trio with the aim of integrating their previous classical background with folk music in the context of popular dances, the Boccadoro Trio

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La Sylva

The three musicians of La Sylva explore their passion for oriental and Balkan music in a repertoire for dance that combines compositions and carefully rearranged traditional melodies

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l'air inconnu

L'air inconnu is a creative musical trio playing (new) traditional dances for curious ears.

Their compositions and arrangements of traditional themes are inspired by emotions and strong sensations experienced at balls and festivals: joy of encounter, intimate poetry, virulence of sound, energy of moving bodies, and collective trance.

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Bal de l'Aube


Carovana del Bu

The Carovana del Bù is a vocal and instrumental ensemble that deals with different styles of European folk music.

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